In an era of global change each person is given a chance to discover new aspects of self-knowledge. Sometimes, knowledge comes to us from the most unexpected sources. It can come thru words said at the right moment that mean a lot, at a time of a magnificent sunrise or sunset, in the silence of the night with the blinking stars, or when pondering about eternity. But most of the time, knowledge can be found in a life-giving source, such as a book, which often becomes a true friend and a teacher.  

Books by Anastasia Novykh, which are presented on this website, will grab your attention. In many ways they are unique and unmatched in their spiritual influence. They are all unusual, from the grains of knowledge planted in the books, to the extraordinary and unexplained positive impact on the lives of the readers. For many people, these books have become a desktop guide on this difficult road of self-knowledge. Many times bailing out, comforting, and sometimes rescuing travelers, lost in the darkness of their own thoughts and personal problems. Knowledge nested in these books is so multifaceted and vitaly effective in daily spiritual work on yourself, that you involuntarily ask a question: “Why is it ,that we are destined to live here and now, at this significant time of the Crossroads? And most importantly. Why we, specifically, got the great Honor, thru the books, of receiving the secret key to solving many secrets and mysteries of human existence and the Universe?”
This valuable knowledge, that came to help us in such unexpected way and transferred (given) from a pure source, must be maximally available to all people. So, that people can make their internal Choice and receive the necessary help and support during their difficult course of life! Therefore, every person, in whom these books sparked a spirit of Freedom, Knowledge and Love, from the calling in their heart should pass the fire on to others, in hope that it will illuminate  the way for other people and help them to understand themselves and find their value.

This noble cause brought together and united many people who have read the books written by Anastasia Novykh and wished to find like-minded people, as well as, to render all possible help to others. Special thank you to all those who distribute the books among their friends and acquaintances, gives them to local libraries, hospitals and schools. Your valuable work is the work of a sower of good life-giving grains, who doesn't even presume, how important is the saving harvest for many people, who have found the needed spiritual food, that was once left for them by a generous sower.

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